Preparing for your session

We love to play dress up!

When selecting wardrobe; think fashion.  Your session can be as sexy or as conservative as you choose.  Items to consider are scarves, hats, flowing dresses, fitted blouses, lingerie, his favorite shirt and/or tie, flowers for the hair, embellished necklace, sheer gown, vintage items, etc.  Be creative and let your imagination flow.  Key item to bring is self-confidence and we’ll make this an unforgettable experience with lots of great images to show for it!

Preparing for your sessionTo optimize your beauty portrait session we offer these suggestions.

Avoid salty foods the day before.
Exfoliate from head to toe and use a moisturizing lotion.
Waxing and beauty treatments should be done a few days in advance.
Freshly polished fingers and toes are ideal.
Don loose fitting clothes to your session to avoid indentations.
Arrive with lightly moisturized face and clean dry hair.
If you have hair extensions this is a great time to use them.
Bring at least 8 wardrobe options, shoes are optional.