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Homemade Toner Recipes

Three Simple Homemade Toner Recipes

Support the inherent vitality of your skin with these simple and inexpensive two-ingredient recipes.

skincare for beauty portrait

Sometimes the simplest things can be the best things for us. As is the case with skin toners. There’s an array of prepackaged products to choose from and some with long ingredient lists containing things that may actually cause more harm than good. That is not always the case but why spend a lot of money on something when you can quickly whip up a batch in your own kitchen using inexpensive, natural and organic ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Here are three of my favorites and you can experiment by adding a few drops of essential oils if you prefer a scent. I use mine morning and night so I prefer to keep it unscented.

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Beauty Portrait gift certificates make the perfect gift


Beauty Portrait gift certificates

Need a stand out gift for that special someone who has everything? Be it a friend, client, mother, daughter, or sister, a beauty portrait gift certificate is something they’ll absolutely love! Treat that special person in your life to a Beauty Portrait Gift Certificate to be used towards a pampering makeover session, fashion style photo shoot and the best portraits they’ll ever see of themselves. The gift will be enjoyed for many years and generations. The gift that keeps on giving!

Gift certificates are available in any amount starting at $50 and can be sent via email or USPS at no additional cost and will be presented in a beautiful black envelope.

Call today or reply to this email to give a unique gift to that special person.

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Be your beautiful self!



mayerstudios-fashion-beauty-portrait_011Be your beautiful self!!

We all want to be the best we can be… feeling good with optimal energy and vitality that lets the light from within shine bright! And when you’ve done the the work; exercised faithfully, upped your greens intake, adjusted your routine to get the seven hours of recommended sleep, then it’s time to reward yourself for all your efforts with a Beauty Portrait. The beautiful images will work as motivation so when your enthusiasm for the cause wanes you’ll have the inspiration necessary to keep with it!

Sessions are available in our comfortable studio for individuals or pair up with your best friend for a fun filled afternoon!

Call today or fill out our contact form to schedule your session. 858-279-5007

Click here for a before/after from this shoot.

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Beauty begins within

Eating for BeautyEating for Beauty by David Wolfe is highly recommended if you wish to improve skin clarity, hair texture, and overall health and vitality through the assimilation of nature’s nutrients: fruits, vegetables and herbs.  David Wolfe is a nutrition expert who in this book gives scientific explanations in layman’s terms of how food breaks down in the human body to be better synthesized to promote external beauty and internal health.

He is also an advocate of yoga, meditation and quality sleep patterns and while he is a raw foodist he acknowledges that most people are not keen to such a disciplined diet.   His book offers practical suggestions so that you can incorporate more raw organic produce into your lifestyle to target specific issues rather than making a complete overhaul.  This valuable resource is science-based and will arm you with the know-how to prevent dryness, puffiness, pimples and fine lines.

As a makeup artist and beauty expert I find it to be an invaluable reference tool so that I am better able to make food choices to help me look and feel more vibrant, youthful and energetic without surgery or heavy doses of caffeine which can have counter effects.  I think you’ll find it as fascinating as I did.

His book can be purchased here and it’s also available at the San Diego Public Library



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A salute to the military men & women in our lives.


mayerstudios-fashion-beauty-portraitIt’s with gratitude that we send this message to the men and women who risk their lives everyday for our country. In honor of these brave people who’ve made our lives better for their courage and strength; we send our deepest thanks and wishes for their safe return.

What better way to stay connected through the 1000’s of miles between you and your loved one than with a reminder of what he’ll be coming home to. Gorgeous beauty photos of yourself will keep you close both in mind and spirit. Choose a demure, evocative or all out sexy session; whichever you prefer.

Active military and families receive a complimentary makeover
and beauty photo session to send your love across the miles.

For a limited time we are offering a complimentary beauty photo session including makeup and hair and 25% off digital portraits for anyone who is currently in the military, or has a spouse or loved one in the military. 

This offer ends May 30, 2014.  Schedule your appointment by calling 858-279-5007.

Click here for a before/after from this shoot

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Airbrush vs brush

beauty airbrush makeup

Beauty airbrush makeup

Give your brush the brush off and make the switch to airbrush

You may be considering investing in a personal airbrush system but you haven’t fully convinced yourself to take the plunge due to price or intimidation.  The initial cost of an airbrush system can set you back a few hundred dollars, depending on the quality, but quickly pays for itself due to less foundation waste that is left in your sponge or bristles after traditional application and are so simple to use that if you can spray an aerosol you can quickly master an airbrush …and have fun doing it.  If you’ve invested in good brushes in the past and have taken good care of them they probably still have years of useful life left but let us fill you in on the advantages of airbrush over cosmetic foundation brushes and soon you’ll be singing the praises of airbrush too.

Seamless finish The biggest advantage by far is that you can apply a seamless foundation in a matter of minutes with far better results than with 10 minutes of meticulous blending of traditional applications with a brush or sponge.  The credit goes to the fine pixels of color that are softly propelled from the airbrush tip creating a skin-like appearance yet in the best shade of “flawless”.  In the same time it would take you to blend and smooth just your foundation with a brush you can apply bronzer, highlighter, contour and blush with your airbrush.   There’s no need to clean your airbrush after each color change; simply add your next color and spray onto a tissue until you see the shade change, then apply where needed and continue until you’ve completed all the steps you choose.  Most mornings a quick overall spray will do the trick but on those special days when you want to look outstanding you can still add contour and highlight in less than 5 minutes and be red carpet glowing!  Click here to learn more

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Intimate play of light

See yourself in a new light

creative studio light

Dare to enter a magical world defined by an intimate play of light.

Spring is a perfect time to indulge in unexplored possibilities; discover something unknown about yourself and take an adventurous step to rediscovery. We’d love to take this journey with you and may you take away from the experience the most beautiful images you’ve ever had of yourself.  Combining creative studio light with subtle digital manipulation to create beautiful masterpieces worthy of any fine art gallery.  We welcome you to bask in our intimate play of light when we create a fashion beauty portrait for you at our San Diego studio.

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Fashion to make you feel phenomenal

Fashion to make you feel phenomenal!

Calling all style icons! It’s time to delve into the depths of your closet and adorn yourself with those exquisite fashion items you’ve been neglecting of late …and what better reason than to have us photograph you in them. With a fashion inspired portrait!

Mayer Studios -  Fashion Portraits

Fashion inspired portrait


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A Fashion Beauty Portrait

Get the STAR treatment, You deserve it!!! With a fashion inspired beauty portrait. 

Beauty Portraits - Mayer Studios 

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