Discover how truly beautiful you are by experiencing yourself through our lens.

Chances are if you’re looking at our website it’s because the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all boudoir studio isn’t for you and you’re looking for a more personalized experience with a couture influence.

Be assured that on shoot date we’ll be the ones you’ll be working with and not a staff member who may be new to the craft.  We have over 25 years experience working in the fashion/beauty industry on a commercial and personal level with celebrities, politician’s and musicians insuring you a professional experience with high quality, tastefully retouched; not over-glossed images!  You’ll be pampered with a full makeover, styled and photographed as if you were in the pages of a magazine.

We have a warm and comfortable studio in the heart of San Diego and we look forward to welcoming you in.

Seth Mayer

A Professional Photographers of America, Master Photographer  and a international award winning photographer.

After taking over my father’s darkroom at the age of 14 I knew photography was something I would be passionate about forever. Although my career began in the era of film and hand retouching I have effortlessly transitioned from a chemical darkroom to a virtual darkroom and due to my love of everything technical have thrived in the digital world. Manipulating subtle light change is one constant in the photography world and is where my inspiration comes from. Many of my commercial jobs are fashion/catalog oriented and I am excited to extend this style into my beauty portraiture work along with the assistance of my wife and professional makeup/hair artist Paula Mayer.

Seth & Paul Mayer

Paula Mayer

I started my career by chance as a creative outlet and a way to earn a living which quickly turned into a passion for the art of transformation of beautiful women all over the country. About 4 years into my career I met a photographer who later became my husband and out of this union Mayer Studios was created. My curiosity to try new things prompted me to experiment with the airbrush technique and quickly became my tool of choice. I have since developed AirPro Cosmetics to meet consumer requests for a personal home version and I teach aspiring artists the skill as well. While my makeup and hair styling career has taken me on numerous commercial sets and personal venues I have always enjoyed the magic that Seth and I create together at our studio in central San Diego.